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Timely Information

Researchers do not usually know in advance about public demonstrations by NSC-131 or Patriot Front, but a growing number of people are recognizing them and reporting their location online.We recommend the following accounts for timely updates on these groups:

Info on NSC-131, Patriot Front, SHFA/CORR, or similar groups

By Way of Plymouth

Garfield but Antifascist

New England Antifascist Action

New England Nazi Watch

Green Monster Antifa

Lauren Pespisa

Rita Fiorillo

Melissa Costa

Info on the anti-LGBT movement

Lavender Rhinoceros

The Ghost of Alice James

Alejandra Caraballo

Info on anti-feminist and anti-abortion movements

Massachusetts Feminist Struggle Committee

Direct Action / Community Defense

If you are interesting in counter-protesting or defending events from fascists and/or bigots, here are some groups to check out, with different politics and tactics. We do not have personal connections to them and cannot vouch for them. We recommend checking out their social media, asking around, and/or contacting them them by a secure channel (such as protonmail) to determine if they are the right group for you.

Solidarity Against Hate – Boston

American Iron Front New England

DADS (Boston DSA Direct Action/De-escalation/Security Committee)

Stonewall Liberation Organization

North Shore Trans Defense Network

Bay State John Brown Gun Club

New England Antifascist Action

Defending LGBTQ+ Rights / Supporting LGBTQ+ Youth

If you are interested in donating to or volunteering for a local organization that is standing up for LGBTQ+ rights and/or providing direct support to LGBTQ+ youth, we recommend checking out the following:

Stonewall Liberation Organization

North Shore Trans Defense Network

Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders

Mass Equality

Trans Resistance MA

Black and Pink MA


Boston Children’s Hospital

BAGLY (Boston Alliance of LGBT Youth)

Out Metro West (West of Boston)

South Coast LGBT Network (Southeast MA)

NAGLY (North Shore Alliance of GLBTQ Youth) (North of Boston)

Seacoast Outright (Southern NH)

Fall River Pride Committee

Out Now (Springfield, MA)