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Patriot Front is a white nationalist, neo-fascist hate group that is active throughout the US including the Boston area. In June of 2022 they made national news when several members were arrested in Coeur D’Alene, Idaho on their way to harass a Pride event. Though they use US patriotic symbols and rhetoric, their belief system is nearly identical to neo-Nazis– they are racist, anti-Semitic, misogynistic, and homophobic/transphobic. They require members to complete and document with photos or video many “instances of activism” which usually consist of placing “promat” (promotional materials) such as graffiti, flyers, posters, or overpass banners. The photos and videos of actions taken by members are then turned into propaganda for Telegram and other social media channels by they national organization. Patriot Front also holds regular fight trainings and have staged paramilitary-style marches in major cities including Boston. Their flag is red, white, and blue and contains a fasces, the symbol for which fascism is named.

As documented in recent GBH News article, white supremacist activity is on the rise in the Boston area and Patriot Front is one of the most active groups here, alongside neo-Nazi group NSC-131. Patriot Front’s official Telegram Channel documents “instances of activism,” reporting 525 in Massachusetts in 2021, making it the 4th most active PF state after VA, PA, and TX. For the period of July 1- August 31, 2022 they claimed 107 instances of activism making it their #1 most active state.

In January of 2022 leaked messages from a Slack channel used by Patriot Front revealed details of their actions in New England in late 2021 which included promat, trainings, and an elaborate plan to deface a BLM mural in Brockton, MA. Members use codenames that contain the name of their home state (eg “Henry MA”) and many of those codenames have now been linked to real names.

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“Network 7” – New England’s Patriot Front Chapter

Network 7, the Patriot Front chapter that includes most of New England, was one of the first chapters and has been one of the most active. For a detailed history of the group we recommend the dossier created by researcher By Way of Plymouth.

Boston-Area Patriot Front Activity in the News

July, 2022 – March in Boston

Masked white supremacist march in Boston draws condemnation: “Your hate is as cowardly as it is disgusting” – CBS News

Large group of The Patriot Front white supremacists march through downtown Boston Saturday afternoon –

White supremacist group gathering in Boston was “act of intimidation,” ADL Director says – CBS Boston

Patriot Front members unloaded gear including steel shields and flags on metal pipes from a Uhaul truck near Back Bay station and marched through Boston. A photo posted soon after the march by Boston Herald showed them assaulting an unnamed Black man. He later identified himself as a local artist, Charles Murrell.

Patriot Front left Boston via the Orange Line, and while they were on it there was a delay reportedly due to a disabled train at Community College. Videos shot by filmmaker Rod Webber show that when they arrived at Oak Grove station in Malden, police were present and escorted them past a handful of counter-protestors to the entrance of the parking lot, and from there they ran to vehicles that had been parked on the road. According to tweets by the mayor of Malden, police did not run the plates of vehicles PF members got into because they were parked in Melrose rather than Malden. 

Based on videos shot at Oak Grove by Webber and activist James Meickle, online researchers have identified the following people who participated in the Boston march: (We are not certain all these IDs are correct. We are compiling the links to make them easier to research.)

Discussion of law enforcement response:

After the march civil rights leaders questioned the lack of apparent police response to the march and the assault on Murrell. In a press conference, Mayor Wu, US Attorney Rollins, and representatives of FBI and Boston PD explained that there is a high threshold for law enforcement to spy on a political group, seemingly implying that law enforcement had no advance warning of the march. Boston PD stated no officers witnessed the assault of Murell.

On 7/7 Patriot Front released their video footage of the incident because they believe it contradicts Murrell’s claims. The video shows Murrell refusing to move out of the PF marchers’ way on the sidewalk- a voice tells them “just go around him” but they press into Murelll with their shields The scuffle continues for about two minutes before a single uniformed Boston PD officer arrives on bike. Two non-uniformed men, one with a badge on a lanyard, can also be seen responding. According to Webber these men were members of the FBI Joint Terrorism Task force, and a subsequently article by GBH news seemed to confirm that. The GBH article also included an account from a witness to the assault who said they were repeatedly ignored by police.

June, 2022 Charges for December, 2021 Promat at Framingham State U.

According to a statement from the president of Framingham State University reposted on social media June 14, three men were charged in connection with stickering that took place on their campus on December 9, 2021: Alex Beilman, 28, of Meriden CT, Brian Harwood, 24, of Spencer, MA, and Matthew Smaller, 24, of Maynard MA charged with defacing property and conspiracy to commit a crime.

July, 2021, Promat in Salem

Two people charged after being caught spray-painting PF slogans in Salem, MA: Kyle Morelli, 27, of Salem, and Alex Beilman, 27, of Meriden, Connecticut, are each charged with one count of vandalizing property and one count of tagging. In June of 2022 a judge ruled that police had cause to arrest and there will be a hearing July 11 to set a trial date,

Police arrest two taggers linked to white supremacist Group | Salem News

Patriot Front Suspects Appear in Court on Vandalism Charges | Salem News

Judge Finds There was Cause for Police to Detain White Supremacist Suspects | Salem News

January, 2020, Promat in Brookline

One man arrested and charged with vandalism after hanging a white supremacist sticker (group not specificed in news articles) in Brookline: Noah William Bogosh, 22, last known address Norwood, MA. Green Monster Antifa subsequently identified Bogosh as a member of PF.

Norwood man IDed as Brookline neo-Nazi sticker hanger; also charged with smoking pot in public | Universal Hub

August, 2019, Anti-ICE Protest

According to a WCVB report, counter-protestors from an unspecified white supremacist group confronted people protesting ICE in Boston. Green Monster Antifa subsequently identified them as members of PF including Noah Bogosh and Chris Hood.

White Supremacist Group Confronts IC Protestors in Boston | WCVB

July, 2019, “Revolution” Rally at Bunker Hill

A group of about 20 people held a rally near the Bunker Hill monument where they set off flares and smoke bombs and chanted racist slogans. PF took responsibility on Twitter.

Police investigating whether alt-right group is linked to fireworks incident near Bunker Hill Monument – The Boston Globe

Witness says hate group behind incident at Bunker Hill Monument – Boston News, Weather, Sports | WHDH 7News

February, 2019, Promat in East Boston

Three people arrested while hanging PF flyers in East Boston: Matthew Wolf, 26, of Lowell charged with assault and battery on a police officer; Tylar Larson, 18, of Rochester, New York, and Christopher Hood, 20, of Malden (now Pepperell) charged with carrying a dangerous weapon.

3 Arrested in Connection to Racist Fliers Posted Around East Boston – NBC Boston(opens in a new tab)

Jewish Journal – page 10

August, 2017, Vermonter at Charlottesville

Patriot Front member Ryan Roy, 28, of Burlington, VT made news for his very visible participation in the notorious “Unite the Right” event in Charlottesville, NC, and got fired from his job at a pizza place.

Vermonter who carried torch in Charlottesville makes no apology(opens in a new tab)

S. Burlington Uno worker fired over joining Charlottesville rally(opens in a new tab)

Known Members in the Boston Area

Alex Beilman, Meriden CT, b.1994, possibly “Tyler CT”, Network 7 Director 

Named in news articles, charged for promat in Salem and at FSU. He can be connected to “Tyler CT” by leaked messages including one in which “Bill MA” implies Tyler CT lives in “Meridan”, CT.

Brian Harwood, Spencer, MA, b1998, “Henry MA,” Network 7 Quartermaster

Named in release from Fitchburg State U., charged for promat there. Identified as “Henry MA” by researcher Antifa Garfield based on 2021 leaked messages. Participated in December, 2021 PF march in Washington, DC. In that same month he led an elaborate plan to deface a BLM mural in Brockton, MA. Formerly lived on Cape Cod.

Brian D. Harwood AKA “Henry MA” of Brewster, MA – Patriot Fail(opens in a new tab)

Brian Harwood “Henry MA” in 2021, from leaked PF media via Rose City Antifa

Ryan Roy, Burlington, VT, b.1999, “Rex VT”

Named in news articles in 2017 when he was fired from his job at a pizza shop in Burlington, VT for his very visible participation in the “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville. Identified as “Rex VT” by a Unicorn Riot article which also says he took part in a national PF leadership call re: their march in Washington, DC.

Ryan Roy, “Rex VT” in 2017

Tyler Primevara, Fitchburg, MA, “Joe MA”

According to researcher By Way of Plymouth, Tyler S. Primevara id “Joe MA” of Patriot Front and a veteran (and possibly still a reservist) of the US Army. He has several social media accounts under the names “Jack Hoffmen” or “Jack the Intern” as well as a podcast and T-shirt store. He has been a member of Patriot Front since at least 2019, when he drove his friend David Oldenquist to the hospital after Oldenquist was assaulted by Chris Hood of NSC-131. They subsequently reported Hood to police and records from that case later made it possible to identify him. He is from Framingham, MA and leaked messages indicate he was living in Fitchburg, MA as of late 2021.

Tyler Primevara in 2020 from social media, reposted by By Way Of Plymouth.

David Spellman Oldenquist, b.2002, Worcester, MA, “Marshall MA”

“Marshall MA” has been a member of Patriot Front since at least 2019 and at one point had a leadership role in NW7. According to leaked texts, he was suspended from that role, possibly due to drinking, but was still an active member of the group as of late 2021. In 2019, he was assaulted by Chris Hood and other members of NSC-131 at a friend’s home in Auburn, MA. He and fellow PF member Tyler Primevara, who drove him to the hospital, later reported the incident to the police resulting in Hood and Anthony Petruccelli being charged with A&B. Court documents from that case allowed researcher By Way of Plymouth to identify Marshall as David Spellman Oldenquist. In July 2021, he was arrested for vandalism in Shirley, MA and according to the record from that arrest he lives in Worcester or was at that time. He is from Ayer, MA, according to online obituaries of family members.

David Spellman-Oldenquest from a PF video from 2021.

Mark Hayden, Spencer, MA, “Bill MA”

Initially named as a member of Patriot Front by Antifash Gordon in 2019, Mark Hayden can be matched to “Bill MA” by comparing leaked chats to his wedding website. He is originally from Brockton MA, graduated from Brockton HS in 2018 and was part of a punk band with extremely misogynistic and racist lyrics. In 2021 he and his fiancee moved to Spencer, MA to rent an apartment from friend and former PF member Matthew Wolf. According to the wedding website he works for “a union”.

Matthew Hayden from his wedding website, early 2022.

Matthew Smaller, b1998, Maynard MA, “Jim MA”

Named in release from FSU, charged for Promat there. By cross-referencing this with leaked messages from 2021, he can be identified as “Jim MA”. He previously lived in Rockland, MA and was identified as a member of Patriot Front in 2018 by researcher Antifash Gordon, who also said he was connected to Boston Free Speech / Resist Marxism.

Jake Hayden, Brockton, MA, b.2004, “Victor MA”

Jake Hayden, the younger brother of Mark Hayden, can be connected to “Victor MA” by comparing leaked messages to his social media. He likely participated in the July PF March in Boston- one of the vehicles photographed nearby Oak Grove is registered to his mom and matches a vehicle on his social media.

Jake Hayden in 2020, from his social media.

Sal Munafo, W. Bridgewater, MA, age unknown, “Phillip MA”

Grew up in Brockton, MA and participated in defacing a BLM mural in Brockton in 2021. Appeared in a leaked video of PF sparring. IIdentified by Waltham Night’s Watch by comparing leaked messages to public Facebook photos. Leaked messages indicate he lives on Progressive Ave., and public property records show a house on Progressive Ave. in W. Bridgewater is owned by a member of his family.

Kyle Morelli, Current location unknown, “Vincent TX”

Named in news articles, charged for promat in Salem where he reportedly lived as of July 2021. According to NYC Antifa he has lived in TX and VA as well as MA. In leaked messages as “Vincent TX” he extensively discussed his wedding which was planned to take place in Peabody and Groveland, MA.

Kyle Morelli “Vincent TX” in 2021 from leaked PF media via Rose City Antifa.

Noah Bogosh, current location unknown, b.1998

Named in news articles on promat in Brookline, charged with vandalism, last known residence listed as Norwood, MA. According to Green Monster Antifa, a member of Patriot Front originally from FL who attempted to disrupt an anti-ICE rally in Boston in August, 2019. Not clear where he currently lives or if he is still active in PF.

Tylar Larson, current location unknown, b.2001

Named in news reports about promat in East Boston, charged with carrying brass knuckles, reported to live in Rochester, NY. According to Antifash Gordon he actually lived in Brewster, a suburb of Rochester, with his parents. Not clear if he still lives there or is still active in PF.

Webster youth had neo-Nazi posters when arrested in Boston

Former Members

Matthew Wolf, “Sam MA,” Spencer, MA, b.1993

Named in news reports about promat in East Boston, charged with carrying a knife, reported to live in Lowell, MA. According to researcher Antifash Gordon, he lived in Lowell as of 2019 and is a software engineer and a National Guard veteran with a security clearance. In leaked tweets from fall 2021, PF member “Bill MA” shared his home address in Spencer, MA and also shared that a former PF member “Sam” was his landlord. That address belongs to Matthew Wolf, according to public property records, meaning he is “Sam.” According to leaked messages, he was denied re-admission to PF because he admitted to another PF member (Kyle Morelli “Vincent TX”) that he has Jewish ancestry.

Chris Hood, Pepperell, MA, b.1999

Chris Hood was the original network directory of PF NW7 before founding neo-Nazi group NSC-131 New England. In 2019, he and other PF members joined a neo-Nazi group called “The Base” which fell apart and subsequently started NSC-131. In November of 2019 Hood was charged with assault & battery after an altercation with PF members in Auburn, MA.
Full profile

Zachary Brackett, b.1993, Worcester, MA

Zachary Taylor Brackett lives in Worcester, MA (or did as of July 2021) where he grew up. According to researchers AntiFash Gordon and By Way of Plymouth, he was one of  members of Patriot Front who followed Chris Hood from there to The Base and then helped him found NSC-131 New England.

Robert Budzyna, Auburn, MA

Robert T. Budzyna was a member of Patriot Front NW7 under the name “Peter MA,” according to research by By Way of Plymouth. He is charged with attempted arson at two homes in Auburn, MA in 2019. He may have been a member of the Boston chapter of “The Base” and subsequently NSC-131 in 2019, which would suggest the arsons were hate crimes. He allowed Chris Hood and other members of NSC-131 to use his home in Auburn as the site of ambush against Patriot Front member David Oldenquist (Marshall MA).

Related Groups

NSC-131 New England is a neo-Nazi group started by Chris Hood, Zachary Brackett, and other former Patriot Front members, as detailed in a 2020 Vice article and further research by By Way of Plymouth. Chris Hood was expelled from Patriot Front in 2019 after forming a local chapter of neo-Nazi group “The Base” which would become NSC-131. Shortly after, he assaulted PF member “Marshall MA” (David Oldenquist) at the home of “Peter MA” (Robert Budzyna) accompanied by Anthony Petruccelli and another NSC member (likely Zachary Brackett) as Hood’s girlfriend filmed it. Marshall and “Joe MA” (Tyler Primevara) who brought him to the hospital later reported the incident to police and Hood and Petruccelli were charged with A&B. In retaliation, Hood offered identifying information about PF members to researcher Antifash Gordon, who did not take him up on it. In June of 2022 a channel titled “context” appeared on Telegram which appeared to be created by Hood or someone close to him to address rumors in the white nationalist community that Hood had doxxed PF members. It acknowledged that NSC members had assaulted Oldenquist, but dismissed it as a “fight between men” and argued he and Primavera were in the wrong for reporting it to police. It contained court documents to prove that they had reported it, which led to antifascist researchers identifying Oldenquist, Primavera, and Budzyna. Researchers disagree as to whether the two groups share any members or participate in each other’s actions.

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