NSC-131 May 2021, Livestream

In May of 2021 NSC-131 New England founder Chris Hood and member Liam MacNeil were interviewed by neo-Nazi social media personality “Hammer” (Chris Pohlhaus) on his livestream. MacNeil was a student at UMass Lowell at the time and said he would be there until they “physically removed him.” (He later chose to leave because of protests against him, according to a GBH News article quoting his dad.) He described NSC-131 as “pretty much like a frat, but racist.”

Hood said that white nationalists should be very frank in their messaging, for example responding to criticisms of Adolph Hitler by saying “he’s my guy, what are you going to do about it?” Hood said far-right college students should be starting their own groups on campus, and advised them to start building a reputation by “bullying girls who race mix.” Hood and Pohlhaus expressed their mutual desire to bring back the KKK in New England.