Anti-LGBT Groups in Massachusetts


The US is experiencing an intense backlash movement against the increased visibility and social acceptance of LGBTQ+ people, and unfortunately MA is not an exception. Most people involved in this deny that they have a problem with LGBTQ+ people. Instead, they say they are against a radical agenda forcing new values on communities and harming children, similar to claims made by homophobes and transphobes for decades.

This movement is primarily focused on books, school curricula, and any programs for teenagers or children that attempt to be inclusive of LGBTQ+ people, as well as healthcare for trans and non-binary young people. Members of this movement believe these phenomena have been forced on schools and families by a conspiracy that seeks to “groom” or “sexualize” children by exposing them to sexually explicit content, defining nearly any discussion of LGBTQ+ people, gender, and even pronouns as “sexual.” Some believe this conspiracy is driven by large numbers of government officials and school employees who are predators and groom children for sexual abuse. Others understand “grooming” as a tactic to emotionally distance children from their families and make them more receptive to leftist propaganda. Some believe children and teenagers cannot know they are queer, so young people who come out have been “groomed” to adopt a certain identity. Others see “grooming” as an effort to reduce reproduction among white people as part of the “Great Replacement“. This belief in a conspiracy of “groomers” driving school curricula and programs for children is common to a broad range of groups from neo-Nazis (NSC-131) to seemingly mainstream conservatives (MA Republican Party).

This movement claims to be motivated by concern for the well-being of children but their tactics prove otherwise. They disrupt the operations of children’s hospitals, threaten events for families, and harass teachers, doctors, and others who work with children.

This movement does not represent the attitudes of the majority of MA residents, and some see it as a fringe movement. However it can have a significant impacting on local events via two tactics:

  • Stochastic Terrorism: Certain types of social media attacks on people or institutions reliably result in real-life violence or threats by seemingly random individuals, allowing the media figures to deny responsibility.
  • Local focus: These groups encourage members to run for school committee or other local offices or raise objections to policies or programs in their own community. In many cities and towns, there are no professional journalists covering local politics and voter turnout for local elections is very low. People with minority or fringe beliefs can get into positions of power when not enough locals are paying attention.

This movement overlaps with the anti-Critical Race Theory, anti-mandate, and anti-abortion movements. Many members of these movements share a deep distrust of public education and a belief that it indoctrinates students in leftist ideologies.

This movement is primarily focused on trans and non-binary people and anyone who is gender non-conforming. This includes drag performers who they see as sexual deviants promoting transgender ideology (although most drag performers are not trans). Unfortunately some openly gay men and lesbians have similar negative attitudes toward trans and non-binary people and some are active in this movement. However, many of the people and groups involved are the same who fought same-sex marriage and other rights for gays and lesbians in previously decades, and their rhetoric is very similar. This is why we use the term “anti-LGBT” and do not attempt to differentiate between anti-trans and anti-gay groups or people. We believe they are motivated by essentially the same type of bigotry and we don’t owe them nuance.

Harassment of Boston Children’s Hospital

Recently Boston Children’s Hospital has been repeatedly attacked by national far-right media because of the gender-related care they provide for young people. Many of these attacks have claimed that Children’s performs genital surgery on minors which is false. They included strong language about “mutilation” of children and graphic images. This has resulted in harassment of hospital employees and bomb threats. Harvard Law instructor Alejandra Caraballo has documented the network of media behind these attacks which she describes as stochastic terrorism. The primary media figures behind the attacks include:

On September 15, 2022 the FBI announced they had arrested the person they believe is responsible for one of the bomb threats, Catherine Leavy of Westfield, MA. According to the FBI Leavy called the hospital from a cell phone in her own name and said “There is a bomb on the way to the hospital, you better evacuate everyone you sickos.” According to public documents she has made over 200 donations to President Trump, the RNC, and Winred.

On September 18, Billboard Chris protested at Children’s. He announced this in advance on Twitter as part of a “tour of stochastic terror” of US cities. Gays for Groomers put out a call for followers to show up to support Chris. However, counter-protestors far out-numbered Chris and his supporters. Local people who came to support Billboard Chris included Rob Burke, the “creative director” for far-right group SHFA, as well as Nashua, NH-based anti-LGBT activist and blogger Beth Scaer. While in Boston, Billboard Chris appeared on a livestream with gossip blogger Aiden Kearney (Turtleboy), who also published posts attacking various people who had confronted Chris. Chris visited Boston again and appeared on Kearney’s livestream again in January, 2023.

Billboard Chris with supporters and counter-protestors outside Boston Children’s Hospital, from a video by Rita Fiorillo.

Massachusetts Family Institute

Massachusetts Family Institute is a non-profit organization with offices in Wakefield, MA. According to its website, its mission includes “strengthening the family and affirming the Judeo-Christian values upon which it is based” by opposing same-sex marriage, euthanasia, gambling, and drugs and promoting parents’ rights and religious liberty. In practice the group seems to be primarily focused on opposing abortion and acceptance of LGBT people, and encouraging a mass exit of families from the public education system.

MFI lists four national “religious right” groups on their website as “allies”:

  • Family Research Council, which has been designated as a hate group by SPLC.
  • Focus on the Family, an international group that has been around since the 1970s and was a major opponent of same-sex marriage. SPLC does not consider it a hate group but once described it as one of “a dozen major groups [which] help drive the religious right’s anti-gay crusade.”
  • Alliance Defending Freedom, which has also been designated as a hate group by SPLC, but is very influential in conservative politics at the national level. Described by Mike Flynn of MFI as a $50M organization providing free lawyers to people who believe their religious liberty has been violated.
  • First Liberty, also a legal group representing people who believe their religious liberty has been violated.

Massachusetts Informed Parents Facebook Group

Massachusetts Informed Parents” is a Facebook group run primarily by Mary Ellen Siegler, an employee of MFI. Members of the group post about content they find objectionable in their local schools or libraries, the vast majority of which pertains to LGBTQ+ people.  Other content pertains to “Critical Race Theory,” Social Emotional Learning, or abortion.  Siegler frequently posts warnings about supposed trends in education as well as events, policies, or programs in specific towns and cities, and offers support to people interested in raising challenges in those communities. Some of her posts have attacked individuals, including a teacher and multiple drag performers, sharing their names and pictures from their social media intended to embarrass them.

In January 2023, Siegler’s Facebook account was suspended which means her posts are no longer visible. It is not clear whether her account or posts will be restored at some point. Another MFI employee, Jess Richardson, has been posting in the group and encouraging members to follow them on new Twitter and substack accounts.

Examples of Content

Facebook Group Members

Members of the “Massachusetts Informed Parents” include:

  • Jim Lyons, Former chair of the MA Republican Party
  • Geoff Diehl, 2022 Republican Nominee for MA Governor
  • Rayla Campbell, 2022 Republican Nominee for MA Secretary of the Commonwealth
  • Donnie Palmer, 2022 Republican Nominee for US Congress in the MA 7th District
  • Kari MacRae, School Committee Member, Bourne, MA, and 2022 candidate for MA State Senate
  • Tom Joyce of New Boston Post
  • John Hugo and Sam Racioppi of SHFA/CORR

People Involved

Andrew Beckwith, President (outgoing), MFI

Andrew Beckwith of is the president of MFI and a lawyer who focuses on religious liberty cases. According to an MFI e-mail blast from February, 2023 he will be leaving MFI as of July 1 for a job at Southern Wesleyan University in South Carolina. He sends out e-mail blasts to the group’s membership on current issues. According to one of these he grew up north of Boston, and according to his bio on the MFI website he now lives in Wenham, MA. An e-mail he sent in August of 2022 amplifying the attacks on Boston Children’s Hospital began with the following anecdote which illustrates his attitude toward LGBTQ+ people:

Last week, my sons and I had the privilege of serving on a missions trip to a remote rural town in the mountains of Guatemala. … All the women wore skirts in the sanctuary and the men had collared shirts. It seemed about as far from my ‘day job’ of fighting the culture wars and modern sexual decadence as I could get. That impression evaporated within about 48 hours. … The church elder who was leading us asked, though our interpreter, if any of us had advice on how to “minister with the LGTV,” since God had put it on the church’s leadership recently to do that. For a second, I thought we were being asked to help the church purchase a big screen for the sanctuary, but, alas, the interpreter had meant “LGBT.” Perhaps she was as initially unprepared for that question as I was in that environment. One of the other parents on the trip gave me a knowing look, and I just shook my head. “Even here,” I thought. Even here….

Later in the week I had a lengthy conversation with the elder and the pastor, again through one of our wonderful interpreters, about how to minister to men and women in their community trapped in sexual brokenness. I explained what we have experienced in Massachusetts, how same-sex ‘marriage’ spread to the entire nation from our home state, and what we are facing now with transgenderism, especially amongst the youth. The church was aware of a number of ‘transgéneros’ in the town, mostly adults, and they had a heart to reach out to them, but they were disturbed at what I told them was happening to children in the name of transgenderism.”

Andrew Beckwith of MFI, from their website.

Mary Ellen Siegler, Director of Communications, Operations, and Research, MFI

Mary Ellen Siegler is the primary admin of the MIP FB Group and most frequent poster of calls to action in the grouip, and according to her bio on the MIP website, that is part of her job. She and her husband Bill Siegler are missionaries in Messianic Judaism,  an evangelical Christian sect for people who are Jewish by ancestry. She has written two posts about sex ed for New Boston Post. According to one of her posts she is from Fairhaven, MA.

Mary Ellen Siegler of MFI, from their website.

Mike King, Director of Community Alliances, MFI

Mike King is in charge of outreach to MFI’s partner organizations which are mostly churches but also include far-right groups such as SHFA/CORR. According to his bio on the MFI website, he is a former principal of a Christian school and former family ministries director for a church. Part of his job is promoting “Engage the Bay State,” a training for churches to help them get involved in reactionary politics at the state or local level. Sample materials include a video featuring Kim Davis as well as a video about abortion titled “The Extremists.” In September 2022, King gave a presentation at a CORR meeting in which he emphasized that there are many chuch-going people and social conservatives in MA despite its reputation as a progressive state, promoted free legal services from partner orgs First Liberty and Alliance Defending Freedom for pastors or parents who believe their religious liberty has been violated, and listed recent MFI victories, many of which pertained to keeping churches open despite COVID restrictions. He took credit on behalf of MFI/First Liberty for forcing Somerville to approve a regressive private school, which he said was initiated by a pastor they had worked with on COVID mandates, and falsely claimed resistance to the school was driven by a school committee member who is trans. He also described MFI putting pressure on Ludlow, MA schools over a policy of not outing trans kids to parents who are likely to respond abusively, leading to the principal “leaving town.” He spoke at length about “pornographic” sex ed content in schools, took credit on behalf of MFI and partners for killing a state sex ed bill, and claimed the law was intended by Planned Parenthood to increase unwanted pregnancies in order to increase their revenue from abortion.

Mike King of MFI, from a video of his presentation to far-right group CORR in September, 2022.

Jess Richardson, Communications and Research Assistant, MFI

Jess Richardson is an employee of MFI who has taken over posting to the “MA Informed Parents” Facebook group since Mary Ellen Siegler was suspended from Facebook.

Jess Richardson, from the MFI website.

Homer Allen, Founder, MFI

According to research by MA Feminist Struggle Committee, Homer Allen has a long history of founding right-wing non-profits, including MFI in 1994, and then leaving them. He is currently the director of public engagement for a crisis pregnancy center in Boston.

Key Events

Taunton, MA Drag Queen Hour

In January, 2023, Mary Ellen Siegler posted in the MIP group attacking a drag queen story hour in Taunton, MA, including the name of the performer and pictures from his personal social media. Two days later, neo-Nazi group NSC-131 showed up at the Taunton event. Siegler was suspended from Facebook due to her post.

Massachusetts Informed Parents
Mary Ellen Siegler. January 13 at 12:40 PM.
!! The Taunton Public Library is hosting its second drag queen story hour tomorrow.
The MIP member who alerted us about this event said it is not being advertised on the library's FB page, but it is on the library calendar.
The sexual performer who will be reading to children is He uses the drag name Monica and has a public FB page with sexually lewd photos and videos of himself.
It is wrong to prey upon the imagination of children by exposing them to adult sexual performers.
Call and/or email the Taunton mayor and the public library to respectfully voice your concern:
Taunton mayor, Shaunna O'Connell, 508-821-1000, email Library Main Desk, 508-821-1410
Library Youth Services, 508-821-1412, email
Library Director Linda Coelho,
Taunton resident, Amanda Davis posted to MIP saying, "As a Taunton resident, mom of two young children, and former patron of this library I am disgusted and sickened that they are exposing young children to adult sexuality. I am trying to ring the alarm so other concerned parents and citizens will put pressure on the library to stop hosting these events."
#NoMoreDrag QueenStory Hours
Mary Ellen Siegler’s post in the MA Informed Parents Facebook group drawing attention to the Drag Queen Story Hour in Taunton, MA.

Newburyport, MA Youth Dance

In April of 2022, MFI and members of the MIP FB Group tried and almost succeeded in canceling a dance for LGBTQ+ teenagers in Newburyport, MA. A member of the group named Christine Rupp posted about a planned dance called “Over the Rainbow” sponsored by NAGLY and Newburyport Youth Services and featured drag queen Miz Diamond Wigfall. According to Newburyport’s Daily News, the venue for the event canceled due to a complaint by Kari MacRae, a politician from Cape Cod who is a member of the MIP FB Group. After US Congressman Set Moulton drew attention to the issue and the organizers received support from the community, they announced they would hold the dance at a different venue, but MFI continued to work to get it canceled. Siegler solicited parents from the the MIPFB Group to talk to the press, and Andrew Beckwith sent out an e-mail blast asking MFI members to call elected officials in Newburyport. Far-right gossip blogger Turtleboy (Aiden Kearney) attacked the dance and called Wigfall a “sexual deviant.” Turtleboy, Siegler, and others attempted to shame the drag performer by reposting a partially nude photo from their Instagram. However the dance happened anyway and adults from the community showed up to support youth as they entered. Beckwith later sent another e-mail blast describing Wigfall’s performance and attempting to make it sound sexual.

Somerville, MA Private School

In March of 2022, MFI and its partner group First Liberty pressured the Somerville, MA School Committee to accept an application from a church to open a regressive private school. Vida Real Church’s application was rejected in part because school committee members found “The school’s position on homosexuality and creationism make it difficult to see how a thorough science and health curriculum is possible” and “The school’s approach to student services and counseling appears to devalue evidence-based psychology and its emphasis on approaches rooted in the belief that mental illness is caused by sin and demons is unscientific and harmful.” Fox News published an article, closely based on a press release from MFI / FIrst Liberty, accusing the committee of religious discrimination.  Shortly after, Mary Ellen Siegler made a post in the MIP FB Group attempting to shame Sarah Dion, a teacher and member of the Somerville School Committee who was critical of the proposed private school, by sharing a TikTok video in which she described teaching her students about the singular “they”. In early May MFI/First Liberty said in  an e-mail blast that he school committee voted to approve the school because they believed they would be sued if they did not, noting Dion was the lone “no” vote. In comments at a CORR meeting in September, Mike King listed this among MFI and First Liberty’s victories, and claimed resistance to the school was driven by a committee-member who is trans.

Student Athlete DEI Pledge

In April of this year, MFI took credit for pressuring the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association to back off  recently-implemented policy requiring to student athletes to take a diversity, equity and inclusion pledge. MFI contacted MIAA asking about the penalty for violating the policy until MIAA released a statement saying there is none. Mary Ellen Siegler has made several posts in the MIP FB Group reminding parents that the pledge is not mandatory. In his comments at the CORR meeting Mike King listed this among MFI’s victories.

Mass Resistance

Mass Resistance is a national group founded in 1995 with offices in Waltham, MA that has been designated by SPLC as a hate group. When MA began recognizing same sex marriages as a result of a court ruling, this group led an unsuccessful effort to amend the state constitution to ban it. It was founded by Brian Camenker of Newton, MA who framed his anti-LGBT activism in terms of “parents’ rights,” focusing on the supposed harm caused to children by social acceptance of gays and lesbians. Around 2005, Camenker became a nationally-known media figure opposing same-sex marriage, but lost credibility due to an embarrassing interview on the Daily Show. According to a video by Human Rights Campaign, he has been involved in efforts to export anti-LGBT rhetoric to other countries. Based on their social media, Mass Resistance now appears to have a national rather than a local focus.

Brian Camenker of Mass Resistance, from a 2020 livestream.

New Boston Post

New Boston Post is a right-wing website that has published many alarmist articles related to gender and LGBT-inclusive education. Their articles have been reposted in the MIP FB Group and by MA GOP Chair Jim Lyons. Most are written by Tom Joyce, who according to his LinkedIn had about five years of journalism experience focused on sports before he began writing about gender politics for this website.

A young man with red hair looks down at the camera, holding a Boston bruins press pass.
Tom Joyce of New Boston Post, from his social media.


Super Happy Fun America” is the far-right group best known for the “Straight Pride” event in Boston in 2019, based on the idea that straight people are the “oppressed majority.” Although the event was portrayed as a joke in some media, the groups far-right connections led to a counter-protest and a violent response to counter-protestors by police. SHFA has recently merged with another far right group, “Citizens Organized to Restore Rights.” Members subscribe to a wide range of far-right conspiracy theories including those that target LGBT people. In February of 2022 Renee Arena, a school committee candidate in Waltham, MA, and her husband Tom Arena spoke at a CORR meeting about challenging LGBT-themed books “all down the line of rainbow happiness” in the high school library. The SHFA website’s store sells “straight pride” flags as well as merch that says “reclaim the rainbow” with a cross. Rob Burke, SHFA’s “creative director” and a GOP candidate for Congress, showed up to support Billboard Chris’s protest at Children’s Hospital. In September of 2022, Mike Flynn of MA Family Institute was a speaker at a CORR meeting. In January of 2023, CORR members showed up to protest a drag queen story hour in Fall River, MA. In February, Pastor Mike Johnson, the chaplain of CORR, hosted a “pastor story hour” at the same location in Fall River featuring a book called “Jesus and my Gender”. Other members of CORR in black hoodies showed up outside the event.

“This radical, insane, transgender nonsense- they’re pushing it. Disney, Rugrats, Sesame Street, they’ve all gone to the dark side.”

SHFA President John Hugo at a 2022 CORR meeting

“We’ve all seen that flag, it’s all over this country. It’s a rainbow flag that says PEACE on it. What that really is, it is no different than the Nazi flag, it is a flag of intimidation, it is a flag of shut up, comply, and never rise up again conservatives, but we are rising up!”

SHFA Operations Director Sue Ianni in a 2022 CORR meeting

““By the way, none of you are boys and none of you are girls hear today. None of you are men and women. You are now being told by most of the press that you are ‘it’.” 

CORR Chaplain Mike Johnson at a 9/11 Memorial
Flyer for a “pastor story hour” hosted by CORR chaplain Mike Johnson in Fall River, MA in February, 2023.

NSC-131 New England

NSC-131 is a neo-Nazi group based in New England. Unlike other groups on this list, their hatred of LGBT people is explicit, and they frequently use homophobic or transphobic slurs to refer to their enemies. In December of 2021, they protested at a theater in Portsmouth, NH presenting a show for kids with one character played by a man in drag, with a banner that read “drag queens are pedophiles.” In July of 2022, they protested a drag queen story hour in the Jamaica Plain neighborhood of Boston featuring Patty Bourré. This attracted a flash counter-protest, and the group’s leader Chris Hood was arrested along with two counter-protestors. Charges were later dropped against the counter-protestors but Hood is charged with “affray.” Only about two weeks later, NSC-131 showed up at another drag queen story hour featuring the same performer in Boston’s Seaport District, causing the event to be canceled. In December of 2022, they protested a drag queen story hour in Fall River, MA. In January of 2023, counter-protestors showed up to protect the DQSH in Fall River, but NSC showed up instead at a DQSH in Taunton, MA. In addition to holding a banner outside, they briefly stormed inside. Most members left shortly after but two men in black ski masks remained, terrifying parents and kids and repeatedly interrupting the story. They claimed to have “shut down” the event but in fact the reader and several participants stayed until the end, and at least one of the NSC members was ejected by police.

Massachusetts Republican Party

Although many people think of a Massachusetts republican as a moderate republican, the current MA GOP chair has a long history of opposing LGBTQ+ rights, and several of their nominees for office have embraced “groomer” rhetoric.

People Involved

Jim Lyons, Former Chair, MA Republican Party

Jim Lyons was the chair of the MA Republican Party for the 2022 election, but was ousted in January, 2023 by Amy Carnevale. He lives in N. Andover and was a member of the MA legislature representing the 18th Essex District from 2010 until 2018 when he was ousted by Democrat Tran Nguyen. He is a strong supporter of President Trump who believes the 2020 election was stolen and represents the MAGA wing of the party which has rejected Gov. Charlie Baker as a “RINO”. In 2013, he sponsored a bill in the legislature authored by Mass Resistance which would have repealed the state’s Transgender Rights and Hate Crimes law. In June of 2021, Lyons refused to discipline or denounce a member of the state GOP Committee who told an openly gay GOP candidate she was “sickened” that he and his husband adopted children. In October of 2021 Gov. Baker called for Lyons to step down because he refused to denounce racist comments about Mayor Wu made by GOP candidate Donnie Palmer. According to reports from February 2022, the party’s treasurer has denied Lyons access to its funds because of conflicts among the party’s leadership resulting in part from Lyons’ claims about election fraud. In early 2022 he aggressively recruited MAGA-aligned candidates for office by doing joint events with many different groups including far-right groups such as United Cape Patrtiots. In a podcast in March of 2022 Lyons claimed schools in Westford, MA were “teaching third graders how to change their gender,” which appears to have been based on article from New Boston Post:

“They’re teaching third graders how to change their gender. I mean, that is being taught in the Westford Public Schools, just think about that, in Westford. It’s crazy, man! … I don’t know what ‘changing gender’ means, and I’m not a third grader guys. I mean, what does that mean? Can you imagine a nine-year-old kid, and they’re up there teaching them how to change their gender. That’s insane!”

Geoff Diehl, 2022 Republican Nominee for MA Governor

Geoff Diehl is nominally supportive of the LGBTQ+ community and has support from groups such as Log Cabin Republicans, and in fact he has been criticized by Mass Resistance for that. However as a member of the legislature in 2013 he co-sponsored a bill authored by Mass Resistance that would have repealed the states Transgender Rights and Hate Crimes law. When asked about Rayla Campbell’s comments at the GOP convention, Diehl said she used inappropriate language, but did not disagree with her claim regarding sexual activity in schools, and seemed to support her overall message. In a Facebook group called “Parents for Diehl,” he has reposted content from Mary Ellen Siegler of MFI.

Rayla Campbell, 2022 Republican Nominee for MA Secretary of State

GOP nominee for MA Secretary of State best known for claiming in a speech at the GOP convention that MA schools are “telling your 5-year-old that he can go and suck another 5-year-old’s dick.” She is also known for harassing families at drag queen story hours and made a Facebook post in support of neo-Nazi group NSC-131 when they showed up at a drag queen story hour. At a “Back the Blue” event she co-hosted in Plymouth, MA, she showed people the book “Gender Queer” claiming it was obscene, leading to her being reported to and questioned by police.

Police report from Rayla Campbell’s run-in with police in Plymouth, MA. The officer found that a page Campbell and many others have claimed contains “child pornography” actually depicts adults,.

Bob Burke, 2022 Republican Nominee for US Congress

Bob Burke was the GOP nominee for US Congress in the MA 8th district, and the “creative director” of far-right group SHFA. He was one of the few local people who showed up to support Billboard Chris’s protest at Children’s.

Kari MacRae, 2022 Republican Nominee for MA State Senate

Member of the Bourne, MA School Committee and nominee for MA State Senate in the Plymouth/Barnstable district. She was one of the people responsible for bringing the “Over the Rainbow” dance in Newburyport to the attention of queerphobes and getting it initially canceled. In 2021 she was fired from her job as a teacher in Hanover, MA for offensive social media posts including anti-LGBT post.

Citizens For Responsible Education

Citizens for Responsible Education is a reactionary group based in Newburyport, MA that appears to have formed in response to the controversy about the youth dance there. They have aggressively amplified social media attacks on Children’s Hospital, posting about the hospital in many right-wing Facebook groups.

Aiden Kearney (Turtleboy)

Aiden Kearney is a gossip blogger based in Holden, MA covering central and eastern MA. He has a website and social media accounts under the name “Turtleboy Sports” and hosts a livestream. He is known for accusing local officials and private citizens of various misdeeds, often based on social media rumors or anonymous sources, and shaming them based on material from their social media. These attacks are often followed by extreme online harassment of his targets by his fans, and in some cases real-life harassment or threats. His posts are intensely crude, misogynistic, and queerphobic, often speculating about the sexual habits of the targets based on their political beliefs. His fans do not think of him as political but he often follows trends in far-right media including “groomer” rhetoric and transphobia. Since January of 2022 he has written at least 15 posts referencing trans people, consistently misgendering them. Billboard Chris has been a guest on his livestream twice, and he published posts attacking locals who confronted Chris. In January of 2023, he published a post attacking by name a trans teenager in Brookline, MA, as well as a post about a trans woman in Templeton, MA supposedly charged with child pornography.

(The info in this section can be verified by reviewing Kearney’s website and social media, which we have chosen not to link.)

What to Do About it

If you are the target of or witness to anti-LGBT harassment or violence, talk about it or write about it publicly if you feel comfortable and safe doing so. It’s important to document these incidents and start conversations about what they mean for your community.

If you host events for the LGBTQ+ community, or any event that features drag performers, take security very seriously. If needed reach out to community defense groups (see our “stay connected” page) who may be able to provide volunteers.

Donate to or volunteer for an organization that defends LGBTQ+ rights or directly supports queer youth.

Stay informed about LGBT groups and trends locally. Don’t assume this is not an issue in your city or town, even if it has a reputation as liberal or progressive.

Get involved in organizations or events for LGBTQ+ people and allies in your local community. If you don’t have any, consider starting one.

Pay attention to what is going on in your city or town, particularly the school system, libraries, and police, and use social media to keep your neighbors informed. (Many cities and towns do not have any professional news media and that means bigots can get into positions of power unnoticed.)

Ask questions about the supports that exist for LGBTQ+ youth in your local school system. Consider joining the PTA or running for school committee or supporting a local candidate who will defend LGBTQ+ youth.

Online and in person, challenge people who make queerphobic comments, normalize “groomer” rhetoric, or treat the existence of LGBTQ+ people as a subject for debate. You may not change their mind but it is important to show anyone watching/listening that these attitudes are not acceptable in your community.

If you are openly LGBTQ+, be visible to young people in your community if you believe you can do so safely.

If you are openly gay, bi, or lesbian, be in full solidarity with trans and nonbinary people, and challenge your friend who are not.

Start a queer community defense network for the Boston area. As far as we know this does not currently exist and it is needed.

A lavender rhinoceros is a symbol of queer resistance used in the Boston area since the 1970s.