Other Groups

Coming soon: We are are working on a new page with info on additional far-right groups an hate groups active in MA. Feel free to contact us if you have info we should include.

Proud Boys

Asatru Folk Assembly

Asatru Folk Assembly is a national group identified by SPLC as a “neo-Völkish” hate group. “Asatru” refers to modern religious traditions based on pre-Christian Norse or Germanic paganism. Groups that refer to themselves as “Folkish” identify with a white supremacist interpretation of Asatru which has been explicitly rejected by other Asatru groups. These groups use “folk” or “Eurofolk” as a euphemism for white, non-Jewish people similar to the Nazi term “Aryan.” They are part of a long history of white supremacists co-opting pagan symbols and concepts going back to movements such as ariosophy which was a precursor to Naziism in Germany.

SPLC recently reported on AFA’s plan to create a whites-only community in TN. AFA is also active in MA and we will be adding info on their local activity to this page soon.

Revolt Through Tradition

Revolt Through Tradition is a fascist group that began in MA and is affiliated with the Rise Above Movement. Both Revolt Through Tradition and the Rise Above Movement have been identified as hate groups by SPLC. Information in this section comes primarily from their Telegram channel and website at revoltthroughtradition.org which is currently down.

Revolt Through Tradition formed in early 2019 by three members of the New England alt-right scene. Furthermore, this new group was formed in the aftermath of the disastrous “Boston Free Speech” and Blue-Bloc movement in Boston and greater New England. RTT focuses on the writings and teachings of Julius Evola, an Italian esoteric fascist who is famous in the global far right scene for writing a book called “Revolt Against the Modern World”.

In New England there are only a few known members, Michael Moura (in federal prison on illegal firearm charges) and Matthew “Matt” Smaller A.K.A “Jim MA” of Maynard, MA (awaiting trial on vandalism and conspiracy charges) as well as another anonymous figure “Paul Vovk” or “Paul RTT” or “Paul Ult” who liked their Facebook post in 2019. (Images will be attached below). Besides the local members, RTT does have members throughout the United States, but it’s mainly focused on the East Coast with other members mainly in Florida and the Southeastern states.

Revolt Through Tradition focuses on the idea of a “healthy lifestyle” like weightlifting, sparring, and “metapolitics” which they describe in writing as “the diffusion of ideas and cultural values to provoke a political and cultural transformation in the long term. It is the non-political precondition of political change. Our main weapon is building ourselves to be a movement of healthy, active, and successful men.” (Revolt Through Tradition, 2019) RTT hasn’t been as active publicly as other groups like Patriot Front and Nationalist Social Club (NSC-131) but has STRONG ties to those organizations through shared membership and even runs back to the original leaders of Revolt Through Tradition. (See Michael Moura) Their most recent public actions in New England include postering in Boston Common (a symbolic place and echoes back to the Boston Free Speech rally which was held in Boston Common) as well as some hikes with the approximately 8 members that Revolt Through Tradition has in New England. The organization mainly communicates through their public Telegram but has not posted anything since February 8th, 2023, after claiming they were going to start a Twitter account to be able to reach the “masses” which is something they have failed to do since 2019.

Pine Tree Party

Three Percenters

Church Militant

Oath Keepers